Paradigm Shift 101 – The Pre-Millennial Pre-Tribulation KIngdom of David

LIVE from Lake Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

Filmed in Arkansas on Shabbat May 16th 2015

Two sessions broken into 19 parts

1st half; Parts 01 -09, 1hr, 50min
2nd half; Parts 10-19, 1hr 35min
TOTAL 3hrs 25mins

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Paradigm Shift 101 – The Pre-Millennial Pre- Tribulation Kingdom of David – Part 1 – Rory

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Paradigm Shift 101 – The Pre-Millennial Pre- Tribulation Kingdom of David – Part 2 – Rory

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The following video presentation is a paradigm flipper for most Christians / Messianics because we see that the Lord יהוה raises up the ‘House of David’ from within the modern Jewish state before the tribulation. At this time the 10 lost tribes of the House of Israel move to the promised land, including the ‘mountains of Israel’, rebuilding the old waste places.

These mountains of Israel are within the area currently referred to by the nations as the ‘West Bank’. (This term, ‘west bank’ is inherently antisemitic because this area is not on the west of Israel, but east of areas already occupied by the Jewish people prior to 1967. It should be called the ‘east bank’. So it is not the ‘west bank’ of Jordan but the ‘east bank’ of Israel, and it is the biblical heartland of the House of Israel (Shomon/Samaria north of Jerusalem) and the House of Judah (Judea south of Jerusalem).

The modern secular government of the state of Israel will move to a rabbinical state of Judea that will be hostile to Yeshua. According to Zechariah 12 the House of Judah will fight for Jerusalem. They will be victorious. This in turn will lead to a Davidic Kingdom led by a descendent of David. At this time the they will mourn for the one they have pierced, Zechariah 12:10. This does not mean that Yeshua will immediately return. Yes it is a condition for his return , but it is also a condition for reconciliation of Israel and Judah. It will open the door for the reconciliation and joining of the House of Israel and Judah. After this the bride made up of all 12 tribes must make herself ready!

Mourning for Yeshua will also enable the temple to be rebuilt because the temple was destroyed due to baseless hatred. This baseless hatred must be repented of both privately and publicly by the House of Judah to enable reconciliation. The House of Israel must also repent of it’s own internal messianic bickering and high mindedness also (before it can even speak to Judah collectively with any fairness).

These events will occur before the tribulation after the USA and the western world are turned upside down through World War. Jacob will be made thin (Isaiah 17) during a time of war, famine and seismic upheaval (Isaiah 24).

This video is over 3 hours long, but worth it if you want to understand where we will be after the USA and western world caves in under economic collapse, earthquakes, NWO Police state, Nuclear War and the migration of a remnant of the House of Israel back to the middle east after this massive devastation. (Of course if you dont have time to watch it you can always listen to the podcast audio on your mobile phone by clicking on the Audio links above.)

There is hope, but it is ‘under the hem of His garment’ keeping faith in Yeshua and following after His Spirit and commandments in humility and grace.

The Central text in this video series is Amos 9:11-15 which is quoted in Acts 15 concerning the raising up of David’s fallen Tabernacle.

Before we discuss what this is we look into the relationship of this verse to what is occurring in the book of Acts in relation to the Pentecostal outpouring of the Holy Spirit (which is mentioned in Joel also).

We then discuss the promises concerning King David and his Davidic Dynasty including Yeshua, the Branch.

We are told that David will be raised up as a King. Many Christians and Messianics mistakenly think this refers to Yeshua. However the Lord יהוה knows how to spell. Prophecies concerning the Branch that comes from David refer to the Messiah or to David’s posterity.

A righteous ‘Branch’

  • Isaiah 11:1-4
  • Jeremiah 23:5 (see context Jeremiah 23:5-8)
  • Jeremiah 33:14-17

But prophecies concerning David being raised refer to David.

Prophecies describing David being Raised

  • Jeremiah 30:9-10
  • Ezekiel 34:23-24
  • Ezekiel 37:24-25
  • Hosea 3:3-5

The restoration of the Davidic Monarchy is related to the joining of the two houses of Israel as can be seen from many places in scripture including Jeremiah23:5-8, 33:14-17.

Some may question why David is raised from the dead to be a King when the Messiah has already come. If you recall, Yeshua is the King of Kings, Rev 17:14, 19:16. That implies that there are Kings under Him. During the Messianic era, David shall be raised as a King over Israel, under the King of Kings, Yeshua. There will thus be kings of other nations during the Millennial reign of Yeshua.

David’s reign is local while Yeshua’s reign is global. Yeshua is still King over Israel but David is a King and Prince under Him. Yeshua is King over all the other kings of the nations, thus the title, “King of Kings”.

Before David himself is raised up, there will be the re-establishment of the Davidic throne, with a descendent of David ruling over a reunited Israel and Judah. When Israel and Judah return to the valley of Jezreel they appoint over themselves one head, Hosea 1:11. (Yes, they all believe in Yeshua at this stage, but the context is an earthly leader and descendant of David as other scriptures make clear). More on this later.

Before the restoration of the Davidic Monarchy, we will see the movement of the 10 lost tribes of the House of Israel to the middle east. It will only be a remnant that shall return because we are a Sodom and Gomorrah generation, Isaiah 1:9.

The blood moons of 2014 and 2015 may in fact be announcing judgement upon America and the world very shortly. The break up of the USA may not only bring judgment, but also purification through fire that will lead to humbling the remnant of Jacob that is there and are awakening to Torah.

Related to the blood moons in Joel 2 is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. We know that the outpouring also occurs back in the land of Israel after the Gog Magog invasion in Ezekiel 39:29. But there have been outpourings all through out the ‘church age’, from Pentecost/ Shavuot in Acts 2 all the way to the final outpouring. Judgement follows the outpouring as the blood moons testify in Joel 2.

Jacob and Esau were given in some ways similar and someways different blessings. The both were related to the dew of heaven and the fat of the earth/land. Esau was the stronger and would serve the younger (Jacob). Esau would seek dominion (a New World Order) and would throw off the Yoke (Torah/Yeshua). In order to serve Jacob, Esau has to be close by Jacob. If Jacob is the USA or Australia, Esau the hunter and trapper must be there also.

Esau met Jacob when he was returning to the land of Israel after getting his wives and children from Laban in Syria. Esau had 400 men with him, which is the price Abraham paid for the land (400 shekels). Thus Esau contends for the land. Esau also withstood the children of Israel when they left Egypt and would not allow them to pass through his territory. Likewise today with homeland security the doors are closing to Jacob here in the USA and in Australian and other nations that contain the children of Israel.

When judgement comes to the 10 lost tribes, Esau will be involved since he harbored a hidden hatred of his brother. Now the trap is sprung awaiting the brief period given to the wicked to triumph.

Whenever Israel returns to the land, Amalek attacks. Soon the descendants of Amalek that have migrated to the USA will play their part in this attack. It is paramount that we as Torah followers of Yeshua get our house in order and follow the Lord in lowliness and humility, for the Lord opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble, James 4:6. Torah obedience should lead to humility. It will be a sad day to end up in an Amalakite FEMA camp because we didn’t hear the voice of the Lord but were fat and stubborn with a superficial, skin deep Torah obedience. There is much amongst the Messianic movement that will be burnt up because of pride and self will. Amalek is waiting. We must guard our hearts and walk humbly.

Unlike Amalek, not all of Edom is wicked. And a remnant of Edom shall return to the land. Indeed it has not only been the lost tribes of Israel and Jews that have been saved. All throughout the church age a remnant of Edom has been saved, along with other nations that are also not descended from Israel.

When the lost tribes return to the land and are united with the house of Israel, a remnant of Edom returns also as Amos 9:11-12 make clear.  This means that this regathering must occur before the tribulation because by the end of the tribulation Esau is destroyed as Obadiah foretells us.


The lord will restore the fallen Tabernacle of David according to Amos 9:11. This has not occurred yet . The next verse makes clear that the remnant of Edom is in possessed by Israel.

The Tabernacle of David refers to the kingly line of David as discussed in the video. The Tabernacle (Sukkah סכה) is related the throne (Kesseh, כסה, which is the word Sukkah rearranged). It is also related to the feast of tabernacles and is linked in many ways as is also discussed in the video.

When exactly will these things occur? Dates are not provided but we can arrange some sort of sequence to these events. What is overlooked and ignored by most Messianics and almost all Christians is that some of these events occur before the tribulation including our gathering out of the ‘North Country’ to the land of Israel. This is a crucial thing to understand. You will not understand what is happening here in America and elsewhere without this prophetic insight. The end of America is a big deal, but it is not the end of the world. America has to be turned upside down in order to get the remnant of Jacob out of here and to the middle east.

The bulk of the House of Israel will dwell in the ‘North Country’ before finally returning to the mountains of Israel. We are in for quite a ride very shortly. We need to know what the game is if we are going to win -as well as keep our head down in humility.

I discuss in detail the prerequisites for regathering Israel and go into each in some detail. The scriptures paint a far bigger and more detailed picture than most messianic teachers currently understand. This is the major reason I have come to the USA because this issue is so poorly understood. Hopefully you will have a better appreciation of things from this lecture and your own study of the scriptures. We will be living these prophetic events if we live long enough. Time is short now.

I address a few of the principles and prophecies concerning the regathering before the tribulation. This may not be music to peoples ears but it will unfold shortly. First off, America and the world must be overturned through global war, tyranny and judgement. There is great hope for the remnant but we must stop playing church or the Messianic equivalent and get real and start listening to the Lord and get our fleshy lives in order (including myself!).

So where is the North Country and what is the purpose of gathering there? From scripture we are told that the North Country is by the river Euphrates. Well that’s not America. The Euphrates river runs through Iraq and into northern Syria (where all the bad guys are at the moment, aka ISIS etc).

We will get our Hebrew culture and language together there. We will also get our Israelite government and congregations together there. (At the moment we speak English, not Hebrew and are too often very proud & carnal. On a congregational level we are hopelessly divided and sinful, we have many of the same afflictions as the Corinthians). So the Lord will bring us out of America to the North Country and we will learn a thing or two.

Then we will be brought out of the North Country through judgement once joined with the House of Judah as the prophet’s in Ezekiel and Jeremiah 3:18 make very clear. We will also join with Judah in the land. Obviously there is a part of Judah that will escape to the North Country and a part that stays in the land of Israel and fights for Jerusalem. Again this is discussed in detail in the video.

So the two sticks of Ephraim and Judah will come together, but it will be a process. The process will quicken, like birth pangs. Things can happen very quickly during war and seismic geological upheaval.

The Lord is good, but we are entering into judgement very soon. And this judgement will actually save us from ourselves. In this context the bad guys including the ‘New World Order’ will not only judge us but help us get our ‘stuff’ together. Let’s keep our head down and love one another and give each other grace. We have broken the Torah in many ways over the last two to three thousand years including the Sabbaths, Feasts and Dietary Law. It will take time for us to figure it all out. I do not judge a brother that is trying to obey the sabbath as he understands it. God sees our heart and He will bring us into unity. The trials that are coming upon our nations shall squeeze the olives and cause the oil of His Spirit to flow. If anyone hates his brother he is a murderer and no murderer has eternal life, 1 John 3:15. We don’t have to wait for Edom, Amalek and their New World Order to destroy us. We are doing a pretty fine job of that ourselves. Mark the perfect man, then end of that man is peace, Psalm 37:37.

Keep His Word and be strong and be of good courage, Joshua 1:8-9.

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  1. Sobering thoughts!
    The resistance for the return to the North Country would be easily broken if one of a few possibilities were to happen.
    When Japan bombed sleepy Honolulu in 1941, it ended with the Americans occupying Japan.
    When Al Qaeda brought down the Twin Towers, it ended with the same force occupying Afghanistan.
    The following 2 links showing ISIS’s further ambitions are worth reading in details:
    Now, if ISIS succeeded in nuking an American city, then the same force would undoubtedly occupy the source of the problem, which is basically where the North Country is.
    Joel Huan

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