Israel has been attacked by their Philistine neighbour. Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gestures as he delivers a statement to the foreign media in Tel Aviv November 15, 2012.

The World is heading for a showdown with the God of Israel, it is not a matter of if but when. World War 3 is just around the corner. And the godless and ungrateful world deserves it. Things are about to change. 2013 will be a year of lurching into increasing chaos.

Israel has been attacked by the Philistines in Gaza this weekend. Various towns including Jerusalem have seen missiles fall upon them. Tel Aviv, the largest city hasn’t been hit in 20 years until now. And as soon as Israel goes on the offensive the godless governments of emasculated Europe and elsewhere rally to the aid of the brutish terrorist state of Gaza. Our liberal secular press fawns and cowers to these bloodthirsty murderers that lob missiles at children and hideout in kindergartens. My cool blood is starting to simmer.

The bible has much to say about warfare and how Israel is to do battle. Why do they fight? Because their enemies want to destroy them. Why does the enemy want to destroy them? Because the God of Israel is the true God of Heaven and Earth and the nations follow false god’s or no god’s at all. Thankfully there is a remnant of the nations that belong to God by faith in His Son, Yeshua. But it is time for the godless heathen nations of the world to take notice. For the only physical nation God ever chose to be his own is Israel. And by the way, they are still God’s chosen people! God did not choose France, Germany or England. He did not choose China or Africa. He chose Israel. And he certainly did not choose the Son’s of Ishmael. The Kingdom comes to Israel, not the Babylonian whores in the Vatican, or Mecca or the US State Department or the United Nations.

Good King David

David did not have Peace conferences with Philistines.

Good King David, a man after God’s own heart and the forefather of the Messiah well knew what it was to be hated. He was of course hated by the enemies of Israel. But what hurt the most was when he was hated by his own people even though he fought the wars of the Lord God of Israel. He fought for them, the people, his people, Israel. And he fought for God in accordance with the Torah, the Word of God. He did it by the Book.

He did not go into war presumptuously or high-mindedly. He always went to the Lord prayerfully, even when his own wives were taken captive by the wicked seed of Satan, Amalek who’s descendants today gave us the holocaust and have not been punished for it (Germany surrendered but the 3rd Reich did not). David was a man after God’s own heart and sought the Lord יהוה in all his distress. He was a real man. And he was God’s man.

Philistine Gaza’s rockets can now reach Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Beer Sheva and Bethlehem.

Israel exists today from the remains of what the land of Mozart & Beethoven did not liquidate in the gas ovens of their coldly efficient camps. The trains always ran on time in Wagner’s Land. (But at least some Germans have a conscience, God bless that remnant). Thankfully the Arab’s have not got the same NAZI thoroughness, though they still get an ‘A’ for mouthing off even as Ishmael did.

Today the nation of Israel has a secular government. But many Jews are returning to Torah with the growing understanding that no matter how nice they are: the Arabs will still hate them, the Muslim Palestinians will still lie in wait to kill defenceless fathers, mothers and children and the world will still condemn Israel. Despite all the hatred, Israel lives – Am Yisrael Chi!

David was hated from all sides, yet he still maintained his faith in the Lord his God and he valiantly destroyed the enemies of Israel. Many cold nights were spent in lonely vigil as he quietly waited upon the Lord his God for spiritual strength and guidance. Daily he meditated upon the word.

As it was then, so it is today, Israel is hated just because they are Israel.

6  My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace.
I am for peace: but when I speak, they are for war.

רַבַּת שָׁכְנָה־לָּהּ נַפְשִׁי עִם שֹׂוןֵא שָׁלֹום׃
אֲנִי־שָׁלֹום וְכִי אֲדַבֵּר הֵמָּה לַמִּלְחָמָה׃

Psalms 120:6-7

David did not have a peace conference with the enemies of Israel. In the name of the Lord he destroyed them. And his first blood was the proud Goliath a towering Philistine Nephilim, a literal non human hybrid. To begin with he didn’t have much but his faith. He used what he had. He had no armour. But his heart was pure and his eyes were fixed upon the giant that lay before him. With five smooth stones in his pouch representing the five books of the Torah he picked the stone that would do the job. As he took aim David declared that this beast was slandering the God of the Armies of Heaven. David let loose the fateful blow and hit the Philistine right between the eyes. The proud hulking fool fell to his foreordained death. David took Goliath’s own massive sword and finished the job. He cut off his head. Buckets of blood and no peace conference. No pandering to the effeminate godless Europeans who’s forebears butchered the protestant reformers and turned a blind eye to the NAZI’s. And who today support their modern day NAZI trained Islamo-fascist disciples. No, David cut off Goliath’s head. No looking for sympathy at the UN. No fear of the nations, only the fear of God and the zeal of the Lord that comes from the pure heart and the sound mind of a faithful shepherd son of the Most High.

If the nations want to pick a fight, the Lord will give them one. Total War!
Of Israel the Lord declares by a real prophet,

Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;

מַפֵּץ־אַתָּה לִי כְּלֵי מִלְחָמָה וְנִפַּצְתִּי בְךָ גֹּויִם וְהִשְׁחַתִּי בְךָ מַמְלָכֹֽות׃

Jeremiah 51:20


Peace loving Muslim Religion

What modern day nation would put up with someone lobbing missiles on it’s cities? But Israel is expected to behave like the Jews in the Ghettos of Europe and humbly accept their punishment and say thank you afterwards. Never again!

Times have changed. Judah is a Lion. He may be an old Lion. But don’t back him into a corner. Do you dare rouse him? Are you a betting man? God has not finished with the Jew. They will live long after Europe and the Arab nations are dead and buried. They will live long after these godless nations are not even a distant memory. They will live long after this world is engulfed in flame and the heaven’s are rolled up like a scroll. They will be there when the New Jerusalem descends from the New Heavens upon the New Earth. The Jewish people will live forever. Their race is immortal.

Let the Philistines in Gaza beware!

Woe unto the inhabitants of the sea coast, the nation of the Cherethites! the word of the LORD is against you;

O Canaan, the land of the Philistines, I will even destroy thee, that there shall be no inhabitant.

הֹוי יֹֽשְׁבֵי חֶבֶל הַיָּם גֹּוי כְּרֵתִים דְּבַר־יְהוָה עֲלֵיכֶם כְּנַעַן אֶרֶץ פְּלִשְׁתִּים וְהַאֲבַדְתִּיךְ מֵאֵין יֹושֵֽׁב׃

Zephaniah 2:5

Europe for the most part has rejected the gospel, and is being taken over by Muslim infidels. It is amazing how godless liberal secular Europeans and bigoted regressive religious Muslim’s from the dark ages find common ground and come together in their mutual hatred of the God of the Bible and the people of the Book. There is a true God and His glorious name is not Allah. The God of Israel is the true God and He has true prophets. And they prophesied Israel’s time of punishment in dispersion amongst the nations and their later unalterable regathering. This is in stark contrast to the Satanic fable that is called the Holy Koran. The fake wannabe religion of that demon possessed, child molesting rapist, moon worshipping murderer called Mohammed is not even fit for wild donkeys and she asses. It’s half baked ramblings that some call prophecies are as false as the foaming epileptic liar that penned them. And if proof is required for all that has just been said then read your history books on Islam’s origins amongst the warring Arabian tribes of Medina if you can still read. The truth is not so hard to find.

But if you cant read or even think, just watch the news because come hell or high water, Israel is not going away. God is raising Israel. But Europe is dead. Europe will feel the Muslim terror she is happy for Israel to endure. And the Muslim world that curses Israel is preparing for their own well deserved slaughter. Ishmael is against every man and every man is against Ishmael. The wicked lay a trap for the righteous but end up falling in it themselves. And they can’t see it coming. The wicked never do. What they hope will happen to the Jew will happen to them. We reap what we sow and Islam is heading for the chopping block along with secular Europe and what is left of idolatrous pagan Catholicism. He who curses Israel shall be cursed.

Kaboom, right between the eyes and Pillars of the Satanic religion Islam.

Let the few Europeans and Arabs that fear the Lord hold on to Him tightly. They may be all that is left to salvage of their nations when the smoke clears. The Lord is merciful but this is a wicked world and this is an exceedingly wicked and godless generation. There is not a law of God that is not broken defiantly by the godless leaders of the godless peoples of this sin scarred world. Judgement is at the door. A world war is coming and a baptism of blood for the wicked is at hand.

Let the nations fear and tremble. For the Lion of the tribe of Judah is on the throne. Yeshua is reigning now in Heaven. The only perfect man that ever lived, died and rose again is a Jew! OK. Got that? A Jew! So let the nations tremble as they sneer at the Jew for the eyes of the Lord are upon all. Now the Jews are waking up. This is the time of Israel’s ascendancy. A baby is being born and birth can be a bloody affair. The Jews have no choice but to fight and win at all costs. There is no silver medal. The wicked in the United Nations conspire against a cornered Lion. They say ‘our time is coming, we shall attack Israel together and destroy them’, Psalm 83. No, you shall attack each other like drunkards in brothel.

Ready to Bulldoze Gaza and drive the Philistines into the Sea. Israeli soldiers gather next to their armored bulldozers stationed on Israel’s border with Gaza on Saturday, November 17 2012.

Let the nations tremble who dare sneer and mock and deride the Jewish people. For their time is coming. Even now their wicked nations are falling apart. Even as their governments turn their nations into little Sodoms. The nuclear fire and the brimstone is coming. The wicked will destroy the world and each other. The Russian bear is not sleeping. China has awoken. The earthquakes are increasing. Judgement is already here and will increase step by step, birth pang by birth pang. The defiant lips of the proud will be silenced before the God of Heaven, the Lord God of Israel! God will not tolerate the wicked deeds and the wicked talk of the wicked any longer. Judgement! The proud have wagged their little tongues and set their voices up on high. The Lord has heard. Judgement! Even now the fire of hell burns like an anxious mother waiting for the return of her children. Judgement!

God’s Chosen

The fact that God has actually chosen a nation to be his own peculiar treasure seems to be a bitter pill for the nations to swallow.

God chose Israel to be a blessing to the nations. But some have lifted up their voices and their hands to curse and fight Israel and in so doing they are fighting God himself.

The godless may sneer, the Muslims may mock, but this is the bottom line, there is a God, and He is the God of Israel first.

The God of Israel is the a God of order. There is a plan for the nation of Israel, and the Church and the nations. And sadly there is a necessity for warfare. In fact the Bible is a book of warfare, both natural and spiritual. This is because there are two kingdoms in this world, locked in a titanic struggle for the souls of men. There are two seed lines in the Earth, the ‘seed of the woman’ and the ‘seed of the serpent‘, the wheat and the tares, the righteous and the wicked.

In order to bring the Kingdom of God to Earth the Lord Chose Israel to be his vessel of blessing to the world. And that blessing flows on to the righteous of the nations through the gospel.

These past 2000 years the Lord has been gathering in the lost sheep back to the fold through the gospel. So he used a shepherds staff and the olive branch to bring the lost to repentance. Gun’s are not useful in winning hearts to God.

Israel is chosen by God to be a light unto the nations. And in order to fulfil this mandate it must survive and follow Torah.

The Church’s battle is primarily spiritual, it is a spiritual kingdom that is not of this world. But a physical nation must fight to protect it’s borders when the enemy is at its gates. And this is especially so for Israel, God’s chosen people.

So the nation of Israel has to physically fight the nations that attack them. If they don’t do so they will be wiped out. They are even commanded to do so in the bible. God knows what He is doing.

The Rules of War

The Torah – the Israelite guide to War.

The Rules for War are not in Geneva or the UN but they are recorded in the first five books of the bible called the Torah. These have not been rescinded. And thankfully more and more Jews are taking notice.

It is only Israel that dictates the terms of peace as the victor after they have destroyed the enemy that they rise not up again, Psalm 110:40.

The world thinks it is finished with the God of the Bible. Now that the nations are forgetting God, the Lord is raising back up, his firstborn son, Israel.

And thou shalt say unto Pharaoh, Thus saith the LORD,
Israel is my son, even my firstborn:

וְאָמַרְתָּ אֶל־פַּרְעֹה
כֹּה אָמַר יְהוָה
בְּנִי בְכֹרִי יִשְׂרָאֵל׃

Exodus 4:22

This is the heart of the matter…

Am Yisrael Chi.

עם ישראל חי

עם ישראל חי – The People of Israel Live!

Years ago the IDF and Israel was cold stone secular, still recovering from the shock of the holocaust.
Now Israel is beginning to live.

In the video above, the Soldiers are singing, 

Yisrael, Yisrael
betach bashem
ezram umaginam hu.

– Israel, Israel trust in the Lord! (for) He is [Israel’s] Help and Shield

Amen & God bless them.

SAD POST SCRIPT: 24th November 2012

Without faith, Israel is weak and was undone by a woman who swept Netanyahu away with her broomstick. What was not finished now will have to be finished later at much greater cost to Israel.

Twisting Israel she cursed herself.

The troops and people of Israel were ready to do the job but instead of going in and finishing off Hamas, the secular government of Israel under pressure from Hillary Clinton et al decided to cancel the land invasion. In the short term Israel gained little except the immediate and temporary prevention of the loss of the lives of her soldiers. And it doesn’t matter if the nations are more pleased with Israel’s lack of resolve, they still hate her. In the end Israel has to do what is right for Israel. Hamas sees this as a victory. Hamas will simply restock it’s missile supply and have another go. So Israel will still have to return and remove Hamas because they are terrorists first and last and cant sleep at night unless they have done evil.

If Hamas can resist the urge to provoke Israel in the immediate future then it could shape up to be a perfect storm with Muslim Brotherhood Egypt involved (and maybe others). In any case Israel has gained nothing. The PR is bad, the public trust in Netanyahu has diminished so that he may be in a weakened position in the coming election in a few months.

What Netanyahu has done is display the same weakness and lack of nerve that caused them to back down from attacking Iran’s nuclear capabilities a few months back. So add Iran into the mix and we have a multi front war on Israel in the making in the next 6 months to 2 years (more like 1 year).

There certainly is a God in Heaven because Israel has survived despite it’s poor choices. And the enemy including the Edomite US State Department, the Vatican and so forth have not been able to prevent Israel from growing stronger. Of course these Babylonian occultists play a double game. They are also trying to support Israel so that it grows according to their plans so that it forms according to their mold. I cannot really call the government of Israel ‘Israel’. I will have to think of them as ‘Jacob’ for now because they have not fully trusted in the Lord. But Jacob shall become Israel and the House of David will be established. David destroyed the Philistine war machine and then he went on to destroy Edom’s domination.   They should be able to deal with the Philistines alone but not the Philistines and Edom without saving faith. Israel one day will learn the lessons of Jacob and fully turn to the Lord  יהוה

through Yeshua. For the time being the Philistines should enjoy their victory. It will be short lived.


POST SCRIPT 2 (Sick Hillary): Friday 21st December 2012

Edom pays a price for plotting against Israel. Hillary is sick. Like Herod the Edomite who did not give God glory and died of worms, Acts 12:23. She has been put on a bed of sickness like ‘Jezebel’ in Revelation 2:22 for her spiritual harlotry – cursing Israel she has cursed herself.

It’s Official, Hillary Clinton is Sick.

Finally what Hillary has done to Israel in compromising their security by not attacking the terrorists in Gaza has been visited upon her.

The following from Israel National News.

Doctor’s Orders:No Traveling for Hillary Clinton for Now

By Chana Ya’ar First Publish: 12/20/2012, 5:35 PM

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is restricted from international travel for the rest of her term in office, which ends in mid-January. The State Department issued a brief communique saying the restriction was imposed by doctors due to Clinton’s recent illness, AFP reported.

The secretary of state suffered a mild concussion last week after she fainted, apparently as the result of dehydration due to a stomach virus.

In a statement that revealed Clinton’s condition might be more serious than a simple concussion, her closest aide, Philippe Reines said, “Given her condition, the secretary’s doctors have advised that she may not fly for any significant duration in the coming weeks. So as things stand we are not planning any travel through mid-January.”

“She is tireless and extraordinary. I spoke with her this past week,” President Barack Obama said of Clinton, who was unable to be present, in his remarks at a holiday diplomatic reception at State Department headquarters. “We can’t wait to have her back. I know that all of you join me in sending her wishes for a speedy recovery,” he said.

Obama said that had Clinton been able to join the reception, he was “going to congratulate her on her record-breaking travels, visiting 112 nations, just about every one of the countries that are represented here this evening – more than 400 travel days; nearly one million miles. These are not frequent flyer miles. She does not get discounts.”

But Obama, too, alluded to the possibility that Clinton’s condition might bemore serious than a mild concussion and stomach virus: “I suspect she’s not going to be flying commercial that much after she leaves the State Department,” he commented.

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