Christchurch Cathedral – the way it was

Big earthquakes are coming. I suspect that Christchurch will fall utterly. The Ring of Fire has got some more suprises. You would think that the Church would be one place where you could go and find out what God is doing. In most cases you would be wrong. 

I wish I didn’t have to put these ‘blog’s of doom‘ together. But I feel a need to try my best to wake people up in one of the few ways that is open to me, via the internet. I admit that I don’t like the way our societies are going in their stubborn ignorance and godless defiance. And I especially am galled by the wickedness in what is called the Church. But I actually want people to repent (turn to God through Yeshua and His Word), and be saved from their sins (and turn away from the practice of sin) and not be destroyed in the coming judgements. So I appeal to you sleepy Christians to wake up so that I can talk about far more encouraging things, Heavenly things, Spiritual things. I would much rather spend my free time putting Torah studies together. The Torah is the fountain head of Knowledge from which the rest of the Word of God springs. It leads us to the Revelation of the Mashiach, Yeshua and the unravelling of this Satanically controlled Cosmos. Thank goodness Yeshua is above all of that and we can come to the throne of grace whenever we like. 

But for many in New Zealand they will wait too long. It’s already too late to save most. They are already mesmerised by the media and their own life’s pleasures and pains. They will be consumed by earthquakes, persecution, famine, war, pestilence. The worst stuff of the bible. It could have been different. 

Judgement is coming and Christians are not immune. But believers can listen and watch the multiplying signs around them. We shouldn’t be blind and walk around with a veil over our eyes like Lot (the Hebrew word ‘lot’ means ‘veil’) who had to be dragged out of Sodom by angels.

I still remember the trace of a godly remnant in the bible belts of New Zealand. But that New Zealand has already died. The Nation has become godless, paganized and spiritually dead. New Zealand is doomed (like much of the world where many of the lost tribes live).

I sense that the time to leave New Zealand is now, before the earthquakes become intense. Come over to Australia. Australia will experience judgements too but God is about to bring serious judgement to New Zealand now. I say this because it is sitting on the earthquake zone called the ‘ring of fire‘. Australia is not directly on this fault line. Already a lot of New Zealanders have left for Australia. Don’t wait for the lava to crawl down the street or the earth open up under your home. Get out!

And if you are a Jew living a happy contented life in that lush green sleepy paradise, wake up, leave, flee for your life! I remember watching the film ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ as a child. Later as a believer, I wondered why the Jews couldn’t see what was going on in Europe and try to escape before Adolf Hitler closed the doors. But now I am living in a generation where it is not only the Jews that are asleep. Here in Australia, New Zealand and America the lukewarm western Church is in the same predicament. The blind Christian congregations have taken a page from the Jewish prayer book, they have trusted in their leaders instead of God. They have put their trust in man. They will follow their blind Rabbis and Pastors to the grave. 

Oh Lord please raise up a remnant of Jacob that is called by thy name. Please sound the trumpet blast this coming Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashanah).


There is big trouble coming to the world. And no ‘Rapture’ for sleepy Christians that are walking blindly. A World War is on the way. And natural disasters are off the charts. The Earthquakes in Christchurch were just a warning.   Much bigger earthquakes are coming. You don’t need to be a prophet to see that.

Things change

New Zealand has radically turned away from God and the Church leaders are wolves and their dwindling congregations sleeping zombies, they are dead men waiting to die. New Zealand has a big sign on it’s backside that says ‘Kick me’. 

New Zealand has banned Kosher slaughter while practising Muslim slaughtering. Thus they are cursing Israel and the God of Israel. New Zealand has brought a curse to itself to add to it’s godless homosexual lawlessness and apathy.

Christchurch will be flattened along with the apostate church leaders. Don’t be surprised if Christchurch falls flat. Christchurch is another centre of proud pagan Lesbian gatherings. Earth shattering, city smashing earthquakes are next. Things have only just started, the destruction of the Christchurch city centre and Cathedral was just a curtain raiser, wait till the real show begins. Earthquakes will ripple up and down the two major Islands of New Zealand. 

Dunedin is spiritually dead too, it will sink. It sounds awful but that’s judgement. Dunedin is the scene of nude rugby and it’s university of Otago is a bastion of secular humanism like most university institutions that are controlled by the dead spirit of lifeless freemasonry.

If God is merciful then do not be surprised if the quakes move up New Zealand, driving people up the Island until they have no choice but to leave. 

So after Christchurch and Dunedin are flattened for their godlessness then coffee slurping Wellington will be smashed and then Auckland. God will chase the believers up through New Zealand from South to North.   

Our dream world doesn’t go on & on forever.

Believers need to leave New Zealand and skip across the ditch to Australia because God is in the early stages of gathering the lost tribes of Israel. These are not the Jews but the descendants from the 10 tribes that separated from the tribe of Judah after Solomon’s Reign. You can read about that separation in 1 Kings chapter 12. (See website front page) They went into exile by Assyria and lost their identity and migrated into Galatia and then into Europe.   Because of it’s location at the meeting of two tectonic plates New Zealand is going to be physically ripped apart. New Zealand is Godless and unthankful. It sits on a major fault line and there are volcanoes in and around every major city. 

Everywhere in the western world is going to begin to experience God’s wrath. We are already beginning to. And actually the whole world will experience it. But judgement begins in God’s House first. This is a time of God’s visitation. And the only refuge is humble Torah obedience to Yeshua HaMashiach. God’s grace is matched by His severity. 

Romans 11:21-23  For if God spared not the natural branches, take heed lest he also spare not thee.  22  Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.  23  And they also, if they abide not still in unbelief, shall be graffed in: for God is able to graff them in again.

There comes a time when we just have to get real with our Father in Heaven. Australia is not the final resting place for believers that escape the carnage of New Zealand. But atleast it will be afloat for a little while longer. Soon after the beginning of World War 3 the believers in Australia will have to escape the godless cities to the mountains (more on this in my next blog article).

If you haven’t contemplated leaving New Zealand, then keep your eye out for the signs that have already occurred and don’t waste time. World War 3 is not far away now. But before that it looks like the Pacific ‘Ring of Fire‘ is shaking down for the big one. California, Yellowstone National park and other parts of the USA are going to be hit hard. Good old America is already rumbling. But New Zealand is a nation of Volcanoes. Get out. It’s a ticking bomb! If you are worried about your friends and family, perhaps you can prepare the way by going to Australia and getting work. Pray about it.   If you come to Australia it may not be long before you find a new line of work. At some stage in the next few years perhaps the believers will have to flee the major cities for the Hills during World War 3.  

There are quite a few pundits that see World War 3 (WW3) igniting before the end of 2012. The years 2013, 2014, 2015 will probably be the worst of it if the red moons that Messianic Jewish believer Mark Biltz discovered have anything to do with it. These Red Moon (Eclipses) occur on Hebrew Feast days. We are entering strange, devastating and very cruel days indeed. We need to be obedient to the Lord and prayerful. I suspect WW3 will begin some time after Yom Kippur. If I am wrong then I am wrong. But whatever the exact timing, believers are going to be on the move in a few years in a major way.  The second Exodus is coming.

Murray and Kelly James look at their destroyed house in central Christchurch, New Zealand, Wednesday, Feb. 23, 2011. Tuesday’s magnitude-6.3 temblor collapsed buildings, caused extensive other damage and killed dozens of people in the city. (AP Photo/Mark Baker)

Wake up !!!

Anyway the Lord will guide you if you are listening.  Things have only just started, those Christchurch Earthquakes were just a curtain raiser, wait to the real show begins. 

Remember the order of the birthpangs of the Messiah listed in Matthew 24. After Earthquakes come persecution.

For most believers you cannot go to Israel to live because that means denying your faith in Messiah. Israel is ruled by Esau still. They are in the land but they do not control it. They are moving to judgement and so are we. The Jews and the Lost tribes will be put together after World War 3. 

But for now the time is short before New Zealand gets whacked by some major city destroying earthquakes and volcanic eruptions up and down the North and South Island. The same goes for California and wherever major cities are along the Ring of Fire. 

Once you get to Australia you wont have to wait long before you are on the move again. But at least you wont need gills to breath.    My next blog shall be about Australia and possible routes and scenarios for the second exodus.

Don’t leave it too late. Sell up, leave and don’t turn back like Lot’s wife.–NC4Nong

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One thought on “Time to leave New Zealand before it sinks like a stone”
  1. The whole issue of a “wake up call” is worth thinking about because it can show us the Love of God… but also the silliness of mankind.
    When that big first earthquake came shortly after 4am nobody died*; there were some miraculous close-calls, and it was literally a “wake up” call for most Cantabrians… we went around checking on neighbours, we helped where we could, and (to a large extent) people prepared themselves as much as they could for more quakes. When the (slightly less powerful, but closer) mid-day quake came months later, with many up and about, some people did die, yes, but far fewer than if no “practice” quake had occurred.

    It seems like too strong a metaphor for warnings in other respects to ignore, but some people (who obviously think about God in a bad way) chose to say the multitude of quakes shows some mean blood-thirsty nature of God, instead of a God who gives us “practice exams” and choices… that clearly saved many, many lives.

    It is like someone I heard talking of the plagues God sent against Egypt, starting with little ones… instead of seeing it like a parent who gives a small warning to their child first, increasing the severity until they obey, this person chose to say it showed a God who likes to punish often, and that it must imply God hates everyone except the chosen people (when did Scripture ever show God gave His people so many second-chances?? [okay, that is rhetorical, but still!]).

    It is not that New Zealand is singled-out for punishment, and certainly not the case that God delivers natural disasters aimed at sinners but somehow misses. It is that people here and there, now and then, are learning and forever finding new ways to bloom with God’s love where ever they are planted. It would be scripturally wrong to conclude that finding any challenges in life is a sign to give up rather than to pray and minister.

    * I said “nobody died” from that first earthquake; obviously some people died of disease or whatever around that time who would have died anyway (a friend of a friend died earlier that night from cancer), but nobody died because of it, and the death toll from heart disease for a few months afterwards was actually lower than average for that time of year, because of the quake (basically: anyone who had heart problems before tha quake had early-warning symptoms due to the stress and got it treated before some big cardiac event came out of the blue). So: an earthquake with a NEGATIVE death toll! Who but God would think of such a thing?

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