Destruction of Good Old USA

Nuclear Fallout in USA

What do we as believers have to look forward to? Is Judgment coming or Revival? Has the Lord appointed us to wrath? What hope do we have?

Many Americans assume that the destruction of the USA is the end of the World!

How preposterous! No, it’s not the end of the world, neither is it the appearance of the Anti-Christ. Yes, we are moving in that direction, but it is not yet! There are other things that must take place beforehand including the Regathering of the 10 Lost Tribes of the House of Israel!

The destruction of America is the destruction of America! America moves into the category of just another casualty of history. Her star fades like the British Empire. The difference being that she goes with a bang. Americans like a show and the good Lord has one for America.

The United States is a God blessed land, and the gospel once shone brightly there. There are still many good folks there. And there is a faithful remnant. But like Australia and New Zealand her churches have become Laodicean, Luke Warm, increased with goods and self satisfied. Indeed many of the Messianic Congregations have the added bonus of large degrees of PRIDE! It was Pride that caused the fall of Lucifer I tend to recall!

There are many of the Lost tribes in the United States, but the destruction of America during a Nuclear Armageddon does not mean the end of the world!. The destruction of Lady Liberty is not the signal for the Tribulation. But it is the prelude to World War 3 and the regathering of the Lost Tribes with fury poured out and terrible judgment. Judgment is coming to the Pastors of the House of Israel, including the Messianics that walk with a swagger.

You know Americans, even more so than Australians, can be very religious. Thankfully there is a root of the righteous still there. The 10 Lost Tribes of the House of Israel are very religious, they love religion. They loved the Baal, they loved their Asherah. Jacob was beloved of God but he wasn’t straight until he wrestled with the Angel of the Lord as he returned to the land of Israel. So it is in our day. There is a lot that isn’t straight. Unlike Esau, we desire the things of God, but we aren’t broken. Some times it takes the worst of times, to bring us to our knees and to an end of ourselves. Esau’s NWO is just the ticket to that destination.

God may be opening up wonderful revelations to us, we discover Torah, and the Lost Tribes, we learn Hebrew, we keep the Sabbath on the correct seventh day, we keep the feasts, we wear tzit tzits. We keep Kosher, the whole gamut of stuff. We trade in our rosary beads for phylacteries. We study the Torah. We dot our I’s and cross our T’s. But we aint straight.  Our heart isn’t right. We are proud and we are not broken. This will change.

The messianic movement has grown large in America, and it is a work in progress. And God is working and it will grow much bigger still. The next step is persecution. God used communism to get the church in China into shape. He will use the NWO and the coming chaos to get Jacob into shape in the USA and Australia and New Zealand too.

9-11 was an inside job. But it was still a warning from God. Destruction is coming. Keep humble, it is with the humble and lowly of heart that the Lord dwells.

9-11 was a warning – did we take heed?

Tribulation is coming to America, you can count on that. But it is not THE Tribbulation. It is Edom’s New World Order Police state. That is what is coming to a theatre near you. It’s almost here. And it will bring the most cruel judgment to the church, including the Messianics!

How is the Lord going to regather the Lost tribes of the House of Israel? How did He do it with the Jews? By turning their world upside down! The same Holocaust that came to the Jews is coming to the United States of America.

There will be war in the middle east. Perhaps some low yield dirty nukes go off in America or elsewhere. Maybe some biological weapons. In any case, the economy will ‘tank’ (plummet), massive job losses, no money, no food. Rioting. This will lead to a Police State, Hate Speech Laws, Concentration Camps and Civil War in the United States of America. At this time of weakness wicked nations will mount an Invasion of the USA. Through this terrible turmoil, the House of Israel will be cut down to size, the church and Messianics judged and a remnant of Gods people brought through the fire to the promised land, the land of Israel, after World War 3.

People often read biblical prophecy, including the Psalms and treat it like some sort of dreamy poetry, and sway to the iambic pentameter. Well it often is Poetic. But too often the Poetry is very literal.

Palm Trees of Smoke

Palm trees of Smoke – Joel 2:30 (3:3)

For instance nuclear detonations seem to be implied quite strongly in the prophecy of Joel. The very prophecy that talks about God pouring out his Spirit upon all flesh. Yes there is a revival coming. A Revival amidst judgment.  Read Joel chapter 2. We have had an initial outpouring of his Spirit, as described in Acts chapter 2. Peter said that what happened there in Acts was like what Joel prophesied. Yes it was like it, but it wasn’t it! But here is a much greater fulfillment of this prophecy in Joel.

28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:

29 And also upon the servants and upon the handmaids in those days will I pour out my spirit.

ื™ื•ืืœ ื‘:ื›ื—,ื›ื˜ (ื’:ื,ื‘)
ื•ึฐื”ึธื™ึธึฃื” ืึทึฝื—ึฒืจึตื™ึพื›ึตึ—ืŸ ืึถืฉึฐืืคึนึผึคื•ืšึฐ ืึถืชึพืจื•ึผื—ึดื™ึ™ ืขึทืœึพื›ึธึผืœึพื‘ึธึผืฉึธื‚ึ”ืจ ื•ึฐื ึดื‘ึฐึผืึ–ื•ึผ ื‘ึฐึผื ึตื™ื›ึถึฃื ื•ึผื‘ึฐื ึนึฝื•ืชึตื™ื›ึถึ‘ื ื–ึดืงึฐื ึตื™ื›ึถืึ™ ื—ึฒืœึนืžึนึฃื•ืช ื™ึทื—ึฒืœึนืžึ”ื•ึผืŸ ื‘ึทึผื—ึฃื•ึผืจึตื™ื›ึถึ”ื ื—ึถื–ึฐื™ึนื ึนึ–ื•ืช ื™ึดืจึฐืึฝื•ึผืƒ
ื•ึฐื’ึทึฅื ืขึทืœึพื”ึธึฝืขึฒื‘ึธื“ึดึ–ื™ื ื•ึฐืขึทืœึพื”ึทืฉึฐึผืืคึธื—ึนึ‘ื•ืช ื‘ึทึผื™ึธึผืžึดึฃื™ื ื”ึธื”ึตึ”ืžึธึผื” ืึถืฉึฐืืคึนึผึ–ื•ืšึฐ ืึถืชึพืจื•ึผื—ึดึฝื™ืƒ

Joel 2:28-29 (3:1-2)

So there is a revival coming, one that is totally massive. It’s off the charts. It’s actually a spiritual awakening to the entire human race. This outpouring of his Spirit is like an outpouring of water upon plants -it causes them to grow. But what do they grow into? Every plant grows according to the type of seed it is. This outpouring will cause the wheat to grow up and manifest who they are and it will also cause the tares to manifest who they are. It is perhaps the Omega Point that New Agers rant on about. Ok, so we’ve got a Revival coming, but don’t stop there read on to the next verse and you will find that it is a revival amidst judgement!

It will be the most massive judgement we have ever seen to date. But it isn’t the tribulation.

(Well I do believe that ultimately there is a fulfilment of this during the tribulation as I discuss further down. But I also think we will have some sort of minor fulfilment during the destruction of the USA as we know it during World War 3).

In any case there is an awakening coming during judgement. It is the destruction of the World as we know it. AKA World War 3. And during this massive judgement, the USA will disintegrate

and the remnant of the Lost tribes will be brought out. So with this massive judgement will come massive Revival!

And I will shew wonders in the heavens and in the earth, blood, and fire, and pillars (lit. Palm Trees) of smoke.
 ื•ึฐื ึธึฝืชึทืชึดึผื™ึ™ ืžึนึฝื•ืคึฐืชึดึ”ื™ื ื‘ึทึผืฉึธึผืืžึทึ–ื™ึดื ื•ึผื‘ึธืึธึ‘ืจึถืฅ ื“ึธึผึฃื ื•ึธืึตึ”ืฉื ื•ึฐืชึดึฝื™ืžึฒืจึนึ–ื•ืช ืขึธืฉึธึฝืืŸืƒ

Joel 2:30

These terms of blood and fire are synonymous with judgment, let’s read on if there is any doubt.

The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.

ื™ื•ืืœ ื›:ืœื (ื’:ื“)
ื”ึทืฉึถึผืึ™ืžึถืฉืึ™ ื™ึตื”ึธืคึตึฃืšึฐ ืœึฐื—ึนึ”ืฉึถืืšึฐ ื•ึฐื”ึทื™ึธึผืจึตึ–ื—ึท ืœึฐื“ึธึ‘ื ืœึดืคึฐื ึตึ—ื™ ื‘ึนึผึšื•ื ื™ึนึฃื•ื ื™ึฐื”ื•ึธึ”ื” ื”ึทื’ึธึผื“ึนึ–ื•ืœ ื•ึฐื”ึทื ึนึผื•ืจึธึฝืืƒ

Joel 2:31

OK so this revival amidst judgement of terrible blood moons and palm trees of smoke is coming before the Day of the Lord. So it is certainly before Yeshua’s return. And the term Day of the Lord may refer to the 7 year tribulation also. In which case these judgements will come soon. But the next verse gives us some more clues…

And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.

ื™ื•ืืœ ื›:ืœื‘ (ื’:ื”)ื•ึฐื”ึธื™ึธึ—ื” ื›ึนึผึงืœ ืึฒืฉึถืืจึพื™ึดืงึฐืจึธึ›ื ื‘ึฐึผืฉึตืึฅื ื™ึฐื”ื•ึธึ–ื” ื™ึดืžึธึผืœึตึ‘ื˜ ื›ึดึผึ ื™ ื‘ึฐึผื”ึทืจึพืฆึดื™ึนึผึจื•ืŸ ื•ึผื‘ึดื™ืจื•ึผืฉึธืืœึดึทึœื ืชึดึผึฝื”ึฐื™ึถึฃื” ืคึฐืœึตื™ื˜ึธึ—ื” ื›ึทึผึฝืึฒืฉึถืืจึ™ ืึธืžึทึฃืจ ื™ึฐื”ื•ึธึ”ื” ื•ึผื‘ึทึจืฉึฐึผื‚ืจึดื™ื“ึดึ”ื™ื ืึฒืฉึถืึฅืจ ื™ึฐื”ื•ึธึ–ื” ืงึนืจึตึฝืืƒ

Joel 2:32

Ok, so there will be deliverance in Jerusalem amongst the Jews and amongst the remnant (of the nations?). Does this remnant refer to the same remnant spoken of by the prophet Isaiah 43:6 for example, regarding the remnant of the House of Israel?

There may be a double fulfilment of this verse too during the 7 year tribulation. In any case the Revival comes amidst Judgement!

Land of the Rising Sun – A taste of things to come.

A little note about ‘Tamar’, the Palm Tree

Palm trees are an interesting symbol in the bible. For instance, the children of Israel came to a place called Elim where there were 12 springs of water and 70 Palm trees (Exodus 15:27). Obviously the 12 springs represent the 12 tribes. The 70 Palm trees represent the 70 nations. The 12 tribes of Israel provide sustenance to the 70 nations, the water of life. Israel provides the spiritual life to the nations, otherwise the nations are dead. The word for Palm tree, Tamar, is also the name of the woman that Judah thought was a whore (Genesis 38), but through her he had two sons. In the Song of Songs the bride is a palm tree, and palm trees of smoke are mentioned (Song 3:6, translated ‘pillars of smoke in the KJV). So we know that this is related to the end times because this love song is deeply encoded bible prophecy – as well as being a real love song of course! So there is an aspect of Joel’s prophecy concerning the Palm trees of smoke that certainly applies to the time of the events of the Song of Songs, which most likely is to do with the bride making herself ready, so it is after the two houses are reunited, well after world war 3, most likely during the tribulation period, or leading up to it. 

There is a strong connection between the word Tamar, and Judah, not only in Genesis 38 but also the song of songs (Solomon the writer like the Messiah was from the House of David from Judah). And in 2 Samuel 13 we read about Amnon’s lust for his half sister also named Tamar. So a trend is definitely developed. And finally within Ezekiels temple there will be lions and palm trees on the walls. Of course lions represent the tribe of Judah and Tamar represents the bride, even Shulimet (her name, is the feminine form of Solomon, i.e. the bride and groom).

Thus it is very clear that Tamar represents the feminine bride that joins with the Messiah in the end times. Judah is related to the Kingdom, ‘Malcute’, so the Palm Trees of Smoke must ultimately apply to the period of the tribulation once the bride makes herself ready and the bridegroom, Yeshua, comes secretly for her This is most likely on a ‘Yom Teruah’ (Day of Trumpets), a time that no ones knows until the moon is spotted. Again the moon is another clue, being related to the feminine. When it is pure it is white and called ‘Lavan’, but when Israel is unclean it is Red. The moon is usually called ‘Yereach’, meaning greenish and related to reproduction. So the Palm trees of smoke events, even the final outpouring of God’s spirit must come at a time of impurity, but the washing of the spirit must purify. Ultimately we see the woman in Revelation chapter 12 with the 12 stars about her head standing on the moon clothed with the Sun. Obviously the bride has been made pure and white and then gives birth to a Son. The birth of the man child must have been preceded by the honeymoon some 9 months earlier (a secret appearing of the Messiah to his bride).  And of course this symbol is related to the constellation Virgo but I digress again.

I could go on but I am going into too many details. The main point to note is that the major outpouring of God’s spirit, the one that Pentecostals talk so much about, happens during a time of major judgement, uncleanness and calamity.

Blood moons

This period of destruction and judgement upon the lost House of Israel

will most likely occur over the period from 2014 and 2015 in particular! There are solar and lunar eclipses (blood moons) on actual Hebrew Feast days during this period! Again a blood moon denotes the monthly uncleanness of a woman, and that woman is Israel (Both Jews and Lost Tribes). The Solar Eclipses denote judgement of the nations, But that is another talk. Have a look at the chart below by Mark Biltz (El Shaddai Ministries).

A blood moon denotes uncleanness of Israel

I am still not convinced that this period of 2014-2017 is the final fulfilment of Joel’s blood moon and palm trees of smoke, but it may be an initial fulfilment. I do believe that this period of time is directly related to the regathering of the Lost tribes during World War 3. And I do believe we will see blood moons, of course, and I do believe we will see ample, Palm Trees of Smoke, that is, Nuclear Explosions on a global scale during this third World War. So we will be moving soon enough. We wont need to fill in a form with the Jewish Agency or apply for citizenship, the Father is organising this trip.

One of the destinations of the Remnant of the House of Israel after they leave America, Australia, New Zealand etc will be to the ‘Wilderness of the People’ (Ezekiel 20:35). Wherever that is, it is a prelude to Receiving the Torah just like at Mount Sinai and then entering the land of Israel. Obviously there are going to be major changes to the Jewish state for their part before then also. While we are receiving our trauma, the Jews will be going through their travails. But the Kingdom doesn’t come just yet. But the two Houses will be joined under Messiah and under Torah. But the King doesn’t return until the bride makes herself ready and He has poured out his wrath upon the earth during the tribulation.

OK, so after these blood moons, by about 2017, the Remnant of the Lost Tribes could well be back in the land of an enlarged Israel.

This will be after World War 3 but well before the Tribulation.

Life Imitates Art – A Shattered Union

2005 Microsoft Game – America in Civil War!

This game by Microsoft is a pretty good guess as to the civil war turmoil coming to the good ol’ USA.

I would encourage you to watch the short You Tube video below of the game. I think the folks at Microsoft were up to something. The dates are wrong but it does show how domestic unrest leads to a police state and then civil war that will cut the USA into waring sectors.

All the exact details of how the USA disintegrates is in God’s hands and I am sure he has got some surprises for all of us. In any case it shouldn’t be rocket science to everyone that the world is heading for a nuclear war and America has cooked its goose and is going down. There will be no rapture to Jesus because the bride has not made herself ready. The state of Israel is going to go through terrible convulsions also. The corrupt Edomite Israeli Supreme Court has to be brought down and the NWO Rothschild family dominion over Israel must cease also. Edom needs to let go of the baby which is the emerging Jewish Torah based nation. The Jews need to follow Torah and then finding Yeshua will be child’s play. In fact I shouldn’t need to put this article together but it is amazing how blind and comatosed believers can be. America’s destiny is intimately related to that of the Jewish nation. But America does not just contain the Lost tribes, it also contains Edom and other nations. And Amalek has wormed their way in to it’s Corporate-Military-Industrial Complex and Security Aparatus. America will go down when it’s time to go home. And the NWO of Edom will not have the final say in things. Edom’s secret things are already being found out. We can only blog for a little while longer and then it will be all on. And on the mercy of God can get us through this most traumatic and trying time.

Anyway here is the ‘Shattered Union’ Microsoft game movie intro. Bill Gates is not a prophet. Pulling a nation apart takes years of careful methodical planning. The Devil’s hands have been busy. Edom’s NWO elites have been building an excellent trap. And the fattened bulls and idle shepherds of the Lost House of Israel will make a tasty snack. Edom will get his comeuppance soon enough, his co conspirators (Psalm 83) will turn upon him once the cry of Israel reaches Heaven, and once Edom has finished the cleanup operation assigned him from above! My hope is that the Jesuit snakes in the Vatican will be unmasked and judged when all this is over. But they are a shrewd lot. The daughter of Babylon, the Vatican in Rome will burn along with it’s political arm, the United Nations, only to be replaced by last days Babylon on the Euphrates in Iraq after World War 3! Thus the Illuminists obtain their goal at terrible cost to the world and even their own people. But they will eventually run out of rope. We will settle that score later, during the events of Revelation chapter 12 to chapter 18 (The fall of Babylon). But that is much later in the future, let’s look at the sort of stuff coming to the USA shortly and realize that the division of the USA will lead to the Uniting of the two Israel’s…

This game movie ends with a quote from Abraham Lincoln, a nation divided will not stand. Of course the inference is that the Gamer has to Unite America (under Rome or Babylon?). In any case there is a nation that is divided and has already fallen. That is, Israel, split into two houses. Soon those two Houses will be drawn together, after America sits in dust and ashes.

Small ‘dirty Nukes’ in home town USA.

What can we do? Not much, except keep very humble, walk close to the Lord, live in communion with Yeshua and do good. Speak to those where you can make a difference and keep yourself unspotted from evil.

God help us all.

b’Shem Yeshua HaMashiach, haBen Elohim

See also article titled ‘The Revival of Queen Vashti or Queen Esther?‘.

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    1. Those who observe the Law of Yahweh are protected. Those who have rejected Yahweh & his Law will be punished. They will certainly see terrible days since they have done terrible things by blinding the masses for centuries. We need to all look within, and strive to purify ourselves to the highest degree.
      By the way, I believe that Yahweh will come and not any Messiah.
      In total there were 4 Messiahs. Why will one be permitted to return.
      Speak the them direct and obtain their reply.
      Peace be with you.

  1. If the whole House of Israel also returns to the land Israel like the House of Judah did, will we all be able to fit it. We are talking of millions of Israelites and see how crammed it is already.

  2. Wow thanks for sharing.

    I really wish more Christians knew about this video.

    I’m not an expert on world events but what they’re saying here in this video shows that God’s plan is unfolding before us right now.

    We’re being warned and it shows that there will be some really bad consequences very soon for those of us who aren’t prepared.

    After I saw it I really was pretty shocked at what they revealed, especially since it all lines up with Scripture.

    Hopefully they won’t block it before you get a chance to watch it.

    Here’s the link:


  3. The Great Day Of The Lord Is The Sixth Seal Of Revelation ..
    Joel 2:31 The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come.

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