Islam is a real danger, and it needs to be defeated and shown to be the lie that it is. The Jewish State of Israel (House of Judah) needs to hold onto God, and hold their ground and not allow Jerusalem to be divided. Meanwhile Christians (many fro3064284m the House of Israel) need to stand strong against this backward and demonic religion called Islam.

But behind the scenes, there is a more insidious menace. A menace to both Houses. There is a conspiracy of Ishmael, Edom, Amalek and other nations (Psalm 83) against us. Who are these people? See the Article on the ‘Seed of the Serpent‘ and the series about ‘Edom & The Church‘ for details.

Edom had a grandson named Amalek. And Amalekhas not died or disappeared from history. He might not have a flag during the Olympics, but he is here. And he is very much alive and attacks Israel when they return to the land of Israel. He did it in the bible and also during the Holocaust (with Edom‘s help). And he will do it again when the lost tribes return to Israel. And where is Amalek today?

We know that many NAZI‘s were descendants of Amalek. Why? Because a tree is known by it’s fruit. They do exactly what Amalek does. The NAZI’s had a demonic hatred of the Jews and an Satanic occult based religious philosophy opposed to the Word of God, the Torah, and the New Testament. They were Serpent Seed through and through.  The NAZI’s attacked the Jews as they were gradually returning to the land of Israel. This follows the same pattern that Amalek did as the Israelites left Egypt. And Edom withstood Israel and did not allow them to pass through his land. So too during World War 2, those in power in government allowed the Jews to be slaughtered even though they knew where the concentration camps were. America is not just the land of Jacob, it is a mixture of nations including Edom. Indeed it could be more acurately named, the land of Isaac. Isaac being the father of both Edom and Jacob. That is why America has a dual nature. One good, one evil. One spiritual and one Carnal.   But now America does not just have Edom, it has Edom’s totally satanic grandson Amalek  in it’s corporate underbelly.

The following is a detailed description of NAZI history and their infiltration into America and the complicity of the American establishment in this degrading process. The NAZI’s have particularly infested the security agencies like the CIA, FBI, NSA and the military industrial complex including NASA and aerospace companies in particular. Many Christians are aware of the NWO but because of their ignorance of Torah they cannot make the connection to their Satanic bloodlines, the bloodlines of Edom and Amalek .

The history of the NAZI infiltration of America at the end of this blurb is written by a man named Jim Marss. He is not messianic and does not appear that sympathetic to the Jews but he gives some important historical facts that may shed some light on NAZI Amalek’s infiltration of the USA after World War 2. His point of view is not Torah focused. He does not make any biblical connections concerning Amalek being the actual bloodline/seedline of many of the NAZI‘s or how many of the leading NWO bloodlines stem from Edom etc. He simply states facts concerning the NAZI infiltration of the USA. Some things that he says may sound incredible, and some even fanciful. I do not endorse everything he says, neither am I qualified to. This info is rather lengthy and you will need a number of hours to churn through it. But if you have the inclination and the time it is most interesting and alarming, if you have not read it before.

Again, I must repeat, that before the 10 Lost Tribes of the House of Israel leave America or Australia or anywhere else there is going to be a massive world war. And it is not just going to be the Muslims that we will have to contend with. We will have Edom’s New World Order (NWO) temporary Police State and Amalek’s long planned vengeance. The Police state will be foisted upon us for our so called ‘protection‘ and ‘security‘ during the the coming World War 3. In our efforts to fight terrorism, and stand up to Islam (Ishmael and Midian etc) we will run into the trap set by Edom and Amalek and their brutal NWO Police State where everyone is a suspect and free speech is curtailed for our ‘protection’. Most will swallow the bait, preferring ‘security’ rather than bible based freedom. During this coming storm God will raise up the lost 10 tribes and cut them down to size with wrath poured out (Ezekiel 34 – Judgment of the Shepherds of the House of Israel and second exodus).

Since 9-11, the United States of America has introduced legislation that puts the average American on trial. We are now living in a security state, aka, a Police State. This is the beginning of the end of America and the free western nations as we know them. Our ship is going down. Similar legislation is being pushed through in Australia. The gun laws have been tightened since the Port Arthur Massacre which was not perpetrated by a lone gunman. It was a covert government operation. It was just a means of tightening the gun laws in the nation to set the stage for a police state later on. The guise is a war on Terrorism. The reality is a War on YOU! It is war against the right of free assembly, it is a war against the right to bear arms. It is a catholic inquistion with protestant garments and American cliches. It is a corporate dictatorship. The beginnings of a godless, post Christian America. The War on Terror is a war that is not defined, it has no boundaries, it never ends. After 9-11 we have an American president with a Muslim name. A non white, non christian, non Israelite. A Pagan and a true infidel. An Abortionist and a gay rights supporter. A patsy of his corporate sponsors and a fall guy should things go wrong. We are in a War on Terror but we are the suspects. We are in a war that does not kick out infidel Muslims, no, they build mosques at ground zero to commemorate their victory over us. We are in a war on Terror that actually makes every christian bible believer a suspect. Our rights are being stripped from us. And we are not aware of it. And our churches do not instruct us. They for the most part are so enmeshed in the system, their leaders are deaf and blind guides. And judgment is coming to these idle shepherds of the House of Israel, these Laodicean wolves in sheep’s clothing.

With the use of the Patriot Act in America, the legislative machinery has been emplaced for a NEW INQUISITION!

NAZI Amalek has been undermining and subverting America from within for over half a century. Remember that we wiped the floor with the NAZI’s in World War 2. We smashed them. But we didn’t annihilate them as the Torah commands us to do! In fact we absorbed them into our bible believing nations! For this we will pay a very heavy price. The NAZI Amalekites haven’t gone away and they will have their vengeance before they receive God’s withering rebuke and destruction. They will be used to cut us down to size (the lost 10 tribes of the House of Israel), even as they did to Judah during World War 2. Many of the Jews didn’t wake up to the extreme danger that they were in in time. Are we better than they? Looking at the state of the church I would say not. Is the Messianic Movement mature enough to deal with the threat? The short answer is No! It is starting to grow rapidly but it is still a baby. It’s like the new wine skin, not the new wine. It’s the shape of things to come, not the substance. It lacks spiritual power. There are some Torah based teachers but practically no PREACHERS! We need the sons of Phineas. We need the unction of the Sons of Fresh Oil. We need the spirit of Elijah, to contend with the priests of Baal in the church. The messianic awakening is a work in progress. It is a shadow of what is coming. It is a feminine form of a more muscular masculine spirit. The Messianic Movement debates and talks, soon the Spirit shall shout and roar as the world as we know it caves in in its own wickedness. The Messianic movement towards a Torah based understanding of Yeshua’s New Covenant is still immature. Now we need to wake up.

Fear not thou worm Jacob (Isaiah 41:14). Revival is coming. According to Joel chapter 2 God will pour out his spirit in the midst of destruction when the moon turns to blood. There are palmtrees of smoke (Joel 2:30 – translated ‘pillars of smoke‘ in the KJV. Literally, תימרות עשׁן, ‘palmtrees of smoke’, Nuclear Mushroom clouds?). God will raise up a remnant of his people in the midst of the coming destruction. He will lead them back to the promised land. Read Ezekiel 34, judgment, and then deliverance!

Now is the time for fasting and prayer. If you are a believer of any sort, Messianic or Christian, now is not the time to walk around with a swagger. Now is a time for prayer and fasting. Judgment is at the door. There are bulls in the House of Israel that have been fattened for slaughter (Ezekiel 34). Fasting wouldn’t do any harm for such fattened bullocks, and it might even do some good.

These lengthy posts by Jim Marss concerning the NAZI infiltration of America also apply to Australia as a similar infiltration has occurred here. In Australia we have a lot of NAZI’s that settled in and around Adelaide and South Australia. By the way I am not saying that all Germans are NAZI’s or any such thing. But I am stating a historical fact. Many NAZI’s came to Australia to live after World War 2. Most of them were unrepentant and proud of their achievements. Of course they were sorry for World War 2, sorry in one way, they were sorry that they lost. And they will try not to make the same mistake again.

See article by Jim Marss

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2 thought on “USA subverted by Edom’s NWO and Amalek’s NAZI infiltrators”
  1. I read all of your info on Amalec, interesting and I can see the conections. However, Yeshua invited whosoever will to come, and to all who recieve Him and believe on His name He gives the right to become children of God. I did not notice any exclusion clauses for certain blood lines!? I guess that is why he commands us to be born again. Miss our relaxed discussions.

  2. This is what I think to be true. I am always learning and am open to expand on what I know and believe. Israel was a name given to Jacob…Israel is a higher consciousness, away from the lower carnal mind…Israel repents and serves the Lord. Israel is a peaceful loving one. Israel is not a land but a man/woman. Esau is a lower carnal mind that lies cheats steals and hurts his brothers and sisters. the bible is way more symbolic than many people know. I hope you can start to see this and begin to learn the truth. duality is a divided house many of us live in…jacob/Israel rose above this duality and decided to serve one God and was given the name Israel by God. these sick people hijacked this story and made it very literal. the lost tribes of Israel…the descendants are us. and Esau is the bad seed that has corrupted the word.

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